How WordCamp Europe 2013 Came to Be

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This is a talk I gave at WordCamp Europe 2015 in Sevilla. As usual, I talk more than there are slides, so that on their own they’re not that useful. Anyway, I was honoured to be invited and had a fantastic time, made perfect for having found a bar with a perfect dry martini (or three). The video is below and you can download the slides here. Feel free to comment here if you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said (or if you want to buy me drinks.)  



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Anmut ist die Schönheit der Gestalt unter dem Einfluss der Freiheit; die Schönheit derjenigen Erscheinungen, die die Person bestimmt. Die architektonische Schönheit macht dem Urheber der Natur, Anmut und Grazie machen ihrem Besitzer Ehre. Jene ist ein Talent, diese ein persönliches Verdienst. Friedrich Schiller — Ueber Anmuth und Würde WordCamp Hamburg 2014 was an expected experience, with all the unexpected details that make each WordCamp unique; familiar and surprising at the same time, the typical signals of an outstanding event, the mood of which was brilliantly documented on Ulli’s video,…read more


Much Ado About Performance

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I think I may have finally read one too many posts on “how-to-make-your-WordPress-site-faster”. It is true that the monotonous litanies, their vaguely suspect tone of link-bait, have had at least one positive side-effect on me: they’ve convinced me that nothing beats looking at your code with the umost attention, and reading whichever documentation is available. The other side-effect being, of course, to stop reading embarrassing fluff; how many more times do I need to read infinite variations of “minimize-css-on-top-javascript-at-bottom-install-cache-plugin”? None. Yes, of course there is another kind, one which I…read more



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So, it looks like I’m presenting the keynote talk at WordCamp Hamburg 2014, which is both an incredible honour, and also a little scary… The scary bit is that I’ve promised to intro the talk and do the Q&A in German (the bulk will be in English). A brave promise, but what was I thinking? First of all, and despite the fact that I still read enough in German, I have only spoken it sporadically, and usually not about WordPress (yes, I had to go look how to say “upload” in German…). Then,…read more


On being (or not being) a “dev”

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I’ve recently heard two remarks that have puzzled me to no end. The first one was a few months ago, and the other one right after having launched this. It’s a very large and complex WordPress installation for an online media company, which intends to compete at the very top, with the very best of what exists in Portugal in this segment, right now. I can’t possibly explain it in one paragraph, nor is it the point of this aside; I’ll post a more detailed case-study in the next few…read more


Edit Flow: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice пожитки.

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Edit Flow is a fantastic plugin: it basically turns a standard WordPress installation into a newsroom, with complete control of the editorial workflow. As far as code quality is concerned, it is enough to say that it is prominently featured as one of the recommend plugins on WordPress.com’s VIP service, and that the WordPress.com VIP team itself contributes to the development of the plugin. I’ve gladly used a few times in the past, and have nothing but praise for the superior and elegant way it’s implemented. Well, almost. You see, up to now,…read more


Oh My, DradCast! (also Martinis)

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Very happy to see my WooThemes post being discussed on the DradCast (jump to 46:05, but you should watch the whole thing. “Rap battle”, and I’ll say no more), and glad to see the i18n discussion reaching the United States on a larger stage. I think Dre an Brad may have confused “.pot is mandatory” with “we’re required to supply translations”, though. Just to be clear: the .pot is, if not required, at least strongly recommended, (remember that that file is simply a list of original strings in English, and very…read more


The Outlands

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So, today I became a designer… Actually, no, let me rephrase that: today I had no choice but to become a designer. My friend Alex and I have been thinking for a while about an online project to feature a very specific kind of writing, photographing and filming, one dedicated to all those of us who live somewhere that’s not home. The idea is that some expatriates, sometimes, are able to observe their surroundings in minute detail, perhaps noticing that to which the locals wouldn’t even give a second thought….read more


Woo: You Too Have Woes

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How do I put this? Dear WooThemes: to me, you have become one of the references on how to run a successful business, based solely on WordPress. Not only do you offer fantastic, pixel-perfect themes, but also excellent plugins, most visible of which are WooCommerce and Sensei. I’ve used your themes and plugins a few times in the past, and only have good things to say about the structure, performance and robustness of the code. What’s more, and keeping in mind that code quality alone does not a perfect WordPress…read more

Dear WP Job Manager: We Need to Talk

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It’s not you, it’s me Let me get the obvious out of the way, so that we can focus on what’s important in mending this relationship: I love you, I do. The way you blend into my site’s dashboard sends shivers of joy every time I open your settings page, and your Ajax-powered search and refresh make me swoon like a teenager anticipating getting to third base for the first time in his life. I was even a little naughty and looked at the source code and was amazed at…read more