Much Ado About Performance

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I think I may have finally read one too many posts on “how-to-make-your-WordPress-site-faster”. It is true that the monotonous litanies, their vaguely suspect tone of link-bait, have had at least one positive side-effect on me: they’ve convinced me that nothing beats looking at your code with the umost attention, and reading whichever documentation is available. The other side-effect being, of course, to stop reading embarrassing fluff; how many more times do I need to read infinite variations of “minimize-css-on-top-javascript-at-bottom-install-cache-plugin”? None. Yes, of course there is another kind, one which I…read more


On being (or not being) a “dev”

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I’ve recently heard two remarks that have puzzled me to no end. The first one was a few months ago, and the other one right after having launched this. It’s a very large and complex WordPress installation for an online media company, which intends to compete at the very top, with the very best of what exists in Portugal in this segment, right now. I can’t possibly explain it in one paragraph, nor is it the point of this aside; I’ll post a more detailed case-study in the next few…read more