The Outlands

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So, today I became a designer…

Actually, no, let me rephrase that: today I had no choice but to become a designer. My friend Alex and I have been thinking for a while about an online project to feature a very specific kind of writing, photographing and filming, one dedicated to all those of us who live somewhere that’s not home. The idea is that some expatriates, sometimes, are able to observe their surroundings in minute detail, perhaps noticing that to which the locals wouldn’t even give a second thought.

A travel magazine, but of travels within, if you will. It is called The Outlands.


A combination of factors made it so that I became the designer of the website:

  • For one, I’ve always had a thing for design, specifically for typography
  • There is no real budget for a designer, this is a labour of love, not a commercial endeavour
  • It sounded like the perfect opportunity to very slowly and carefully learn every single aspect of building a website; not just the raw code behind it, but also best practices for using Javascript, CSS, responsiveness and integration.
  • Let’s face it: I’m getting grumpier and grumpier with age and I would end up having nasty discussions with an external designer, anyway…

So there you go. At the moment it’s just a landing page (which you’re bookmarking, right?), but you can also follow @TheOutlands_Me on Twitter for future updates.

I appreciate any objective comments you may have, particularly from my ridiculously talented designer friends. I promise to try and stay calm… 🙂