Oh My, DradCast! (also Martinis)

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Very happy to see my WooThemes post being discussed on the DradCast (jump to 46:05, but you should watch the whole thing. “Rap battle”, and I’ll say no more), and glad to see the i18n discussion reaching the United States on a larger stage. I think Dre an Brad may have confused “.pot is mandatory” with “we’re required to supply translations”, though. Just to be clear: the .pot is, if not required, at least strongly recommended, (remember that that file is simply a list of original strings in English, and very…read more


Woo: You Too Have Woes

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How do I put this? Dear WooThemes: to me, you have become one of the references on how to run a successful business, based solely on WordPress. Not only do you offer fantastic, pixel-perfect themes, but also excellent plugins, most visible of which are WooCommerce and Sensei. I’ve used your themes and plugins a few times in the past, and only have good things to say about the structure, performance and robustness of the code. What’s more, and keeping in mind that code quality alone does not a perfect WordPress…read more